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The Power of Color Correction

Color correction helps your video. What is color correction you ask? Color correction is a technique you use when you are editing a video. For example if you had a dull colored clip, and wanted to add some color to … Continue reading

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What is Continuity?

When creating your video, you need to make sure that things looks in place. This is funny, but before I started making films I never thought about this. When creating a video, or a film–you wouldn’t stay on set all … Continue reading

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Finding Your Talent

Who would you like to be in your film?Who would be best to play the character you wrote? Who would be the easiest to work with?  These are all things you should think about before looking for talent.  Looking for … Continue reading

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Money, Money, Money

Money is important. It is hard to do certain things without money. Without a budget. But this does not mean creating  a great film or video is not possible if you do not have a big budget. Budgeting is something … Continue reading

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Catering & Hunger

You need to eat right? You get hungry during the day right? Well here’s some news! Even when filming on set—you still get hungry!! And guess what you have talent and a crew too. Do you know what that means? … Continue reading

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All About Location

Locations are an essential key to films and videos. However, starting off you may not have access to all of the locations that you would like. One of the most heartbreaking things to change is a location you wanted to … Continue reading

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Finding Your Crew

Filmmaking is not a one person job, filmmaking is a collaborative job. In order to have a successful production (without tearing your hair out too much) you will need people to help you woth that production.

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