Choosing a Camera

Newsflash. You need a camera to film. NOT! Today you can use your cellphone to record videos and even make a film! If you jave a smartphone (android or iphone) you can record a video. This is a relatively inexpensive way for students to film projects. You wont have to go out and buy a huge expensive dslr camera if you do not have the money for it. That could ve your last option. If you are just starting out I recommend practice filming with your cell phone, and/or buying a small digital camera. After you’ve experiemented with those I would say try saving up for a dslr and then buy one. Dslr cameras are often talked about in the filmmaking community. But they are really high maintenance. For example, you would need to buy lenses and other accessories  for the camera before even beginning to film. I would reccomended you start off small, and then work your way up when looking to buy a camera. As a student, and beginner,it will definitely save you time , and money.

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