Do You Need to Go to Film School?

So do you need to? My answer would be—no. Why do you believe I say no? Because Im a bitter college student who is not going to film school— Maybe. Hahaha! No! Just joking. Im sayong this becuse there are many filmmakers that did not got to film school that are successful ( if you don’t believe me just search “successful filmmakers who did not go to film school). There are many YouTubers that are successfull that did not go to a “school” to learn how film, to set up lighting, edit, ect. They probably looked up how to do those things on YouTube itsself! So…why should you have to got to film school to be a successful filmmaker? Why should you have to go to film school to create successful videos? You DON’T. Currently you can find a lot of good resources online that can help you learn how to do many (if not all) things concering film! When you have time check ourt the helpful resources I listed on the right side of my blog’s home page. And remember—you can do it!

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