Finding Your Crew

Filmmaking is not a one person job, filmmaking is a collaborative job. In order to have a successful production (without tearing your hair out too much) you will need people to help you woth that production. Filmmaking and creating videos is hard. Maybe so may feel that working with others is hard as well. There may be some truth that there is more conflict when people work together—but it can be less work as compared to a one person show. There are different roles on a set which I will write about in the future. But for now just think about people you would like to work with behind the scenes. People that will nottry to “control” situation s per se, but will assist you with your production and give helpful advice. People were born with different personalities. Its your job as the head of the production ro try and make sure any conflict that arises is resolved. Because if issues don’t get resolved on set, the whole environment would be an uncomfortable place for both crew and even cast. Which will most likely result in a not so good production. So hang in there, and remember to try and decipher and reslove conflicts before things get to heavy into production.

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