All About Location

Locations are an essential key to films and videos. However, starting off you may not have access to all of the locations that you would like. One of the most heartbreaking things to change is a location you wanted to shoot at but were not able to. But you know what its okay. Even filmmakers who have big budgets probably do not get to film at the location they wanted to.  Some locations may require a permit to film there. But usually as a student, individuals will understand that you may not have the funds to pay to film at specific locations and will let you film there for free,for a lower cost–or else not at all. As I mentioned in the post “Money,Money,Money” your best option starting off may be a purchasing a green screen/greenscreen backdrop.Once you learn how to key in images within post-production you will be able to go to various locations around the world. My only advice for you if you could not get a location that you really wanted to have is to not give up on your film/video. You have to sit down,brainstorm, and really think about alternative locations you can film at. In the meantime check out a link I put to “How to Chroma key a Greenscreeen” below.

“How to Chroma Key a Greenscreeen” :


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