Catering & Hunger

You need to eat right? You get hungry during the day right? Well here’s some news! Even when filming on set—you still get hungry!! And guess what you have talent and a crew too. Do you know what that means? They get hungry as well. When starting of creating films or

videos you may not have the largest budget to pay for A1 catering but thats okay. Those working on your set will most likely understand that you can’t afford to have that kind of food at your service. But get this—just because you cannot afford a big luch or dinbner from craft services—thats what catering is called in the film industry—craft services (doin’t ask me why) does not mean that you can’t offer your talent and crew snacks.  Offer snacks if you can afford meals. Your talent and crew will definatlely thank you. If someone does start to get unusually moody,or starts to be really tired on set0–it is most likely because they haven’t eaten. You never think about these things just by watching a movie–it is interesting all that goes on behind the scenes. I’m happy that you are on this jorney and get to learn with me!

Fancy Craft ServicesFile:Catering at the University of Exeter (10137691074).jpg

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