Money, Money, Money

Money is important. It is hard to do certain things without money. Without a budget. But this does not mean creating  a great film or video is not possible if you do not have a big budget. Budgeting is something you will have to think of after coming up with your concept/story idea. For example if you wanted to film a scene at a beautiful tropical beach but you do not have the funds to pay for your crew, and talent—(and yourself of course!) to go to a tropical beach theeeeeen? Do you quit? Do you stop there? the answer is–No. You .Don’t. Nowadays there are multiple actions one can take to establish a nice film or video even if their budget is not high. So back to my first example. You could try purchasing a green screen and learning how to key a tropical forest in. If your looking for a more “realistic” look try heading to a local beach and capture certain elements which would resemble a tropical beach. Remember sometimes you may not have the budget for certain things and you might have to work around things. You may have to re-write  what your original story was. And you know what—that’s okay!!! You just need to hang in there and finish what you started. link to affordable greenscreen backdrops:

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