Finding Your Talent

Who would you like to be in your film?Who would be best to play the character you wrote? Who would be the easiest to work with?  These are all things you should think about before looking for talent.  Looking for talent that perfectly fits the character you would like to put in your film/video may be a little harder if you are just starting out. For the most part reach out to family,friends, and of course drama student and or students that are interested in acting in the future. the thing is–is that you just don’t want to exploit them. If someone agrees to be a part of your production try coming up with a contract stating you will not be able to pay them–but you will be able to recommend them for future projects. This way you both will be helping one another out. Another important thing to think of when finding talent is to try to make sure you are comfortable working with him/her. If you do not feel you are being treated right by a talent member (or even someone from your crew) try to see what is going through that persons mind so you all can try to resolve that particular issue you two were having. You don’t want to get far into the production with a negative aura around the set. Things just won’t turn out as nice as they should.

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