What is Continuity?

When creating your video, you need to make sure that things looks in place. This is funny, but before I started making films I never thought about this. When creating a video, or a film–you wouldn’t stay on set all day! You need sleep right!!??! Yes unless you are some magical human being you are going to need to get some sleep.

You, your cast, and your crew!!! Say you were filming the first part of a particular scene one day right? And then it was time for you and your crew to go home for the day. Because you did not finish the whole scene and just the first part of it—the next day that same scene has to be identical to what it was the first day!! This is called continuity!–making sure sets and locations look identical and believable to audiences!  Very intriguing right!?So next time you are filming your video, or film, make sure to take a picture of not only how your set looked, but what your actors were wearing that specific day of shooting! If you don’t audiences may catch it may not take your film or video seriously–unless you are trying to make them laugh.

Example of  non-continuity


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