Pre-Production: Writers Block

Writing can be difficult. It is something all creatives go through. It is something all students go through. Writers block can be really annoying and stressful. In this post I will be giving some tips so you can get back on your feet and start writing. Many times, I do these three things to get started writing again.

  1. Relax. It seems so simple, and it seems like something that won’t even help right? Wrong. Relaxing helps to get the mind functioning.Believe it or not stressing out over what you haven’t written can make disrupt your creative “juices”. Just take some time out to breathe and you should be ready to write in no time.
  2.  Go Outside. Yes. Go outside. It seems like no one wants to do this these days. Many would just like to browse social media and see what others are doing. But does that help? Maybe for some–but really it can just make you feel bad about what you are not doing. I recommend you got outside so you can get some inspiration wheter its people or nature get out and explore.
  3. Sleep. Does this have to do with relax? Maybe a little, but if you don’t get enough sleep you won’t be able to function, and that’s not just with writing that’s with everything you do in throughout the day as well. Get some sleep and you’ll be better energized and ready to work.
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