The Power of Persistence

You feel it. Its over. You’ve made it. You have a sense of happiness and relief.

Thats what you will feel when you kept going. When you made it through the tough times. When you’ve done all that you could to make you film great. Despite all of that challenges you can look back and smile. You can share you film with others. And you, your family and friends are proud of you for doing what you set out to do. And you know, you wouldn’t have made it without that one thing. Without that one word starting with a ‘P’. It took persistence. It did and you know it. There were some though times but you didn’t quit. You made it through. You may have had to take some breaks but you made it through. If you would have quit you would have never got your final product. you never would have got those feelings of success (and relief). But you did it. You kept going. And thats what makes a film and its filmmaker great.

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