Getting Started With Your Short Film: The Things No One Talks About-Pt.1 Doubt

Beginning things can be difficult especially beginning the production for a short film.First you would need to get past the doubts that you can even make the film. Second you would need to get past the doubts that you don’t have an $1,000+ budget to make the film.There are lots of doubts that can go on in ones head after they finally finish the script. It can really be an interesting experience. But you have to keep going. There are times when you get to a point where you might not want to do your shorty film anymore, but you know, in the end you might regret it. If you do decide to not do your film you may look back and think “I had plenty of time to do my short film…why didn’t I?” Yes, you may be sad but the good thing is is that right now you have the power to change that. You have the power to finally begin on your short film. Its just going to take a lot of courage.  Its going to take a lot of guts, and the will to not be afraid to fail. It takes a lot but you have to remember that individuals who spend millions of dollars to get their films made have flopped as well. So don’t worry about the finical straights if thats what your concerned about. Just make your film.

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