Getting Started With Your Short Film: The Things No One Talks About-Pt.3 Working on a Very Low Budget

Being a student is hard.  Being a student filmmaker is hard. In fact being a broke student interested in filmmaking is even harder. But! You cant let this stop you from doing your short film. Because you’re a student and can’t really pay anyone this may mean trouble.  This may mean trouble because your cast and crew may not be available when you would like them too. Unless you have other students seriously interested in getting their start in film like you are. You may have trouble keeping people on set. But you know you always have to think on the positive side. Even when studios invest millions into an actors or crew members paycheck there can still be issues going on. You never know. The only thing I would suggest is to keep going throughout the rough patches of your film. You may not be able to pay individuals but do what you can to help them with other things. In the end persistence is key (see my post “The Power of Persistence” to learn more). You have to keep that in mind when working on your film. It will eventually get done you just have to keep things pushing.

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