Finding Your Talent

Who would you like to be in your film?Who would be best to play the character you wrote? Who would be the easiest to work with?  These are all things you should think about before looking for talent.  Looking for talent that perfectly fits the character you would like to put in your film/video may be a little harder if you are just starting out. Continue reading

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Money, Money, Money

Money is important. It is hard to do certain things without money. Without a budget. But this does not mean creating  a great film or video is not possible if you do not have a big budget. Budgeting is something you will have to think of after coming up with your concept/story idea. For example if you wanted to film a scene at a beautiful tropical beach Continue reading

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Catering & Hunger

You need to eat right? You get hungry during the day right? Well here’s some news! Even when filming on set—you still get hungry!! And guess what you have talent and a crew too. Do you know what that means? They get hungry as well. When starting of creating films or

Continue reading

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All About Location

Locations are an essential key to films and videos. However, starting off you may not have access to all of the locations that you would like. One of the most heartbreaking things to change is a location you wanted to shoot at but were not able to. But you know what its okay. Even filmmakers who have big budgets probably do not get to film at the location they wanted to. Continue reading

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Finding Your Crew

Filmmaking is not a one person job, filmmaking is a collaborative job. In order to have a successful production (without tearing your hair out too much) you will need people to help you woth that production. Continue reading

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What is Editing?

So what is editing? When I fist found iut what editing was—I was a little overwhelmed. Okay. Not a little. I was overwhelmed. Editing is a challenging thing to do. And if you would like to create a high quality production I would say that you would need to edit your footage. Don’t be afriad of it. It takes some time getting used to it before you can become comfortbale with it. I would recommend a program called Adobe Premiere Elements for those new to editing. Premiere Elements establishes a pretty user-friendly editing interface for beginners. After using Elements I suggest you move on and start experimenting with Adobe Premiere or Adobe Premiere CC. If you are in high school or college defiantly check out and ask around if your school has Adobe Suite and if you are able to downolad it for free just because your a student of that school.

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Do You Need to Go to Film School?

So do you need to? My answer would be—no. Why do you believe I say no? Because Im a bitter college student who is not going to film school— Maybe. Continue reading

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