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All About Location

Locations are an essential key to films and videos. However, starting off you may not have access to all of the locations that you would like. One of the most heartbreaking things to change is a location you wanted to … Continue reading

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Finding Your Crew

Filmmaking is not a one person job, filmmaking is a collaborative job. In order to have a successful production (without tearing your hair out too much) you will need people to help you woth that production.

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A Story, An Idea!

Have you found what you would like to make your video about? You film about? Your TV Show episode about? This is the first part of video production! Finding out what you want to make you production about! This is my … Continue reading

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Getting Started

Film production is not easy. But it is fun. Just to give you a quick fun fact, there are three main parts to film production: Pre-production, Production, and Post production. This blog will be discussing various aspects of film production. You … Continue reading

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